Traditional Thai Massage
This massage focuses on stimulating blood circulation and reduce tension. 60 mins 250 THB
Traditional Thai Massage with Oil
This massage focuses on stimulating blood circulation. We use oil to make it softer. 60 mins 300 THB
Thai Herbal Compress
Herbal compress massage helps to relax the muscle pain. 60 mins 400 THB
Facial Treatments
Facial Scrub
A deep cleansing and hydrating facial treatment to rejuvenate all skin types 45 mins 400 THB
Facial Treatment
A massage that stimulates lymph and other bodily functions and using a face mask, to hydrate skin. 60 mins 600 THB
Body Massage
Swedish Massage
You become totally relaxed in your mind and body when blood flow increases. 60 mins 700 THB
Hot Stone
Heated smooth, flat stones are placed on key points on the body. 60 mins 600 THB
Aroma Therapy Massage
Aromatherapy is a massage to relax physically and mentally with the aroma of essential oils. 60 mins 400 THB
Oil Massage
Very relaxing full body massage with unscented oil. 60 mins 300 THB
Virgin Coconut Hot Massage
Full body massage for use prior to visiting the beach. Perfect base for a beautiful tan. 60 mins 400 THB
Milk Massage
Full body massage. Good for dry skin. 60 mins 400 THB
Aloe Vera after sun Massage
Helps you maintain your tan and soothes if you got too much sun. 60 mins 400 THB
Head, Back & Shoulder
Neck and back massage to relieve specific stress and hard work. 60 mins 300 THB
Body Scrub
Coconut Scrub
Full body scrub for use before visiting the beach. Perfect base for a beautiful tan. 60 mins 500 THB
Coffee Scrub
Helps to rejuvenate the skin and stimulate circulation. 60 mins 500 THB
Thai Rice Scrub
Din hela kropp kommer att skrubbas med örter och rismjölk som är förstärkt med protein. . 60 mins 500 THB
Tamarind Scrub
Stimulates skin's natural processes and help aging skin look younger and more alive. 60 mins 500 THB
Salt Scrub
Scrub with a healthy, natural salt. Cleans the skin deep. 60 mins 400 THB
Foot Massage
Foot Massage & Scrub
A massage that stimulates blood flow and exfoliate and renew the skin. 60 mins 400 THB
Hot Stone Foot Massage
If your feet have been in hiding over the last couple of months, then this is the treatment for you! 60 mins 400 THB
Reflexology Foot Massage
IA massage that stimulates blood flow. 60 mins 250 THB
Foot Scrub
The skin of your feet needs to be exfoliated and renewed like the skin in any other part of your body. 200 THB

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